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The Zanzibar Archipelago, a collection of a just few exotic islands, is famous for its mile upon mile of beautiful beaches, great climate and a laid back pace life, not to mention the unique cultural and remarkable Swahili architecture.

Zanzibar consists of the main island also known as Unguja, and other smaller islands such as Pemba, Tumbatu, Mnemba, and many more. The “Capital” of Zanzibar Island is Stone Town, really the only town on the islands and a charming place to visit

Zanzibar was probably first inhabited roughly 2000 years ago, by the Bantu peoples who crossed over to the islands from the mainland-Tanzania.

The islands have a colorful history as it was a strategic trading location and visited over the centuries by the Persians, Arabs, Indians and the Europeans, specifically the Portuguese and the British. The first of these merchants, the Persians, are thought to have visited the islands around the 10th Century.

Between the 12 to 16th Centuries. Zanzibar became a city state and its rising importance led to a Portuguese presence by 16th Century. After a short duration of Portuguese control, the British assumed control followed by Oman Arabs, who maintained their authority over the islands well into 19th century.

Apart from being a trading hub, the islands were also a major slave trade market, with the trade finally being stopped around the year 1873. Oman rule gradually come to and end and in 1964 the islands became a part of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Zanzibar Island